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Build Beautiful Pagodas

Super Meeple HAS announced that they are publishing Tajuto, an original game from legendary designer Dr. Reiner Knizia. In Tajuto, players take on the role of Buddhist monks commissioned to construct eight beautiful pagodas in 6th Century Japan.


Tajuto is a game of timing and calculated risk. Players use their action tiles and spend meditation points to draw pagoda floors from a communal bag, make offerings to the different pagodas, and acquire a variety of tiles that provide more actions and spirituality points. The great pagodas are built floor by floor and, while players may time their placement before and/or after their actions, any playable pagoda pieces must be added to the Sacred Garden before the end of the turn. Thus, the timing with which players draw more floors, place their offerings on the pagodas, and purchase new powerful tiles requires the eye and patience of a trained monk. Once a fourth pagoda has been completed, the game ends and the monk with the most spirituality is declared the “Great Guardian of the Sacred Garden of the Eight Pagodas”.


Luma Imports will handle the English-language distribution of Tajuto across the Unites States and Canada. Tajuto is the second original title from Super Meeple, following the September release of Colors of Paris.


Tajuto will be released in Q1 of 2020.


About Super Meeple

Established in 2014, Super Meeple’s commitment to reinvigorating masterpieces of old with quality components and updated gameplay sets them apart in the hobby. In addition to beautiful new editions of Cuzco (formerly Java), US Telegraph (formerly Attika), and Mississippi Queen, Super Meeple recently released Colors of Paris, their first original title, with their trademark high production quality.


About Luma Imports

Founded in 1995 as Distribution LeValet, Luma Games is a distributor based in Montreal, Canada. Representing Canada’s French-language market for iello, Kikigagne, FunForge and many other publishers, the company rebranded as Luma Games in 2017 and separated themselves from their retail partner, Le Valet d’Coeur, in 2018. They are currently pushing into the US market with Luma Imports.



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