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New Treasures from Ankama

In Treasures of Cibola, the latest title from Ankama Boardgames, players are explorers who have discovered the fabled City of Gold. To stake your claim as the world’s foremost archaeologist, you must collect the most important and the most valuable artifacts deep within the vaults of these magnificent temples!


Treasures of Cibola is fast-playing, push-your-luck style bidding game in which players must use a stash of explorer meeples to bid on treasure cards displayed each round. The player that bids the most meeples gets to select their treasure card first, and play continues from most meeples to least. However, the five treasures to be collected do not have any set point values at the beginning of the game; over the course of successive rounds, certain cards will allow players to place boulders on the point value tracks of the various treasures, thus strategically modifying each treasure’s value (ideally in your own favor)! At the end of eight rounds of play, each explorer tallies up their points based on treasures collected and their final values. The explorer with the most points is declared the world’s greatest archaeologist!


Luma Imports will be showcasing Treasures of Cibola on Ankama’s behalf at SHUX (Oct. 4-6, 2019) in Vancouver, BC and BGG Con (Nov. 20-24) in Dallas, TX; they will run demos and offer sales at PAX Unplugged (December 6-8, 2019) in Philadelphia, PA.


Treasures of Cibola is available in the United States and Canada on November 14, 2019.


About Ankama

Created in 2001, Ankama is a transmedia company based in Roubaix, France. Since the release of the popular online game DOFUS, Ankama has rapidly established itself as a creative force in digital games, comics, and animation. Board games are the latest field in which the company has chosen to excel, with recent titles Tales of Glory, Monster Slaughter, Draftosaurus, and, most recently, Welkin.


About Luma Imports

Founded in 1995 as Distribution LeValet, Luma Games is a distributor based in Montreal, Canada. Representing Canada’s French-language market for iello, Kikigagne, FunForge and many other publishers, the company rebranded as Luma Games in 2017 and separated themselves from their retail partner, Le Valet d’Coeur, in 2018. They are currently pushing into the US market with Luma Imports.



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