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Press Release - Geek Attitude Games Releases Bruxelles 1897

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11 – In Bruxelles 1897, the latest game from Geek Attitude Games, players compete to make their mark at the World’s Fair held in Brussels, Belgium at the fin de siècle. To bolster your reputation, you will have to construct architectural marvels, widen your social circle, as well as buy, exhibit, and sell works of art. The player with the highest reputation at game’s end will declared the Architect of Year!


Bruxelles 1897, the spiritual sequel to Etienne Espreman’s Bruxelles 1893, is a strategic card game that takes place over the course of four rounds. Players are given a hand of Architect cards with which they may buy actions on a central tableau consisting of Artwork, Material, House, Noble, and Money cards. Money is the integral resource; Architect cards have different values, representing the strength of their Architect, but also the amount of Money they must pay to take that action. However, players score points by using Materials to build Houses, using Nobles to advance Architecture, Nobility, and Prestige Tracks, as well as exhibiting Artwork cards during an Expo. Deciding which action to buy is complicated by the end of round scoring, which rewards players for playing their Architect cards in particular configurations on the central tableau. At the end of four rounds, the player with the most victory points is the greatest architect in all of Bruxelles.


Luma Imports will be demoing and selling Bruxelles 1897 on behalf of Geek Attitude Games at BGG Con (Nov. 20-24) in Dallas, TX.


Bruxelles 1897 will be available in the United States and Canada early next year.


About Geek Attitude Games

Founded in 2014, Geek Attitude Games was established with the idea of celebrating the geekiness of the hobby. Starting with their irreverent love letter to the industry, Essen: The Game, the three friends at the helm, Fabrice, Frederic, and Etienne, continue to develop unique gaming experiences for players of all ages.


About Luma Imports

Founded in 1995 as Distribution LeValet, Luma Games is a distributor based in Montreal, Canada. Representing Canada’s French-language market for iello, Kikigagne, FunForge and many other publishers, the company rebranded as Luma Games in 2017 and separated themselves from their retail partner, Le Valet d’Coeur, in 2018. They are currently pushing into the US market with Luma Imports.


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